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Liberty 1.2 November 16
Liberty 1.2 is now available, and as promised it provides you with dramatic speed increases (30-70%) through a complete rewrite of the screen handling code [we had to do it] and there is also limited support for sound! You can now play your favourite games with the bleeps and blops you have all been asking for :)) Please take our word for it when we suggest you disable any music that is played in the background (its kinda annoying).. it is also possible now to configure your games (grayscale, color, config) on a game by game basis! It should have been there since day 1, but - its there now, so you don't need to keep asking for it!

Another Commercial Game Comes to Palm October 28
Palmtop Software is proud to announce the release of V-Rally, the world's most famous 3D car racing game in colour for PalmOS owners. Already available on PC, Playstation and Game Boy, there was just one platform it wasn't racing on: the PDA. Millions of Palm users across the continents, will now also have access to the car rally game, running on devices such as the Palm, Handspring Visor, Sony Clié and other compatibles.

More Reviews October 19
Two new Palm reviews, Billiard and Zillionaire. Brian, our resident game guru, cuts through the fluff and gives it to you straight.

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