PC or console: Advantages and disadvantages, statistics and sales figures.

The question of whether a gaming PC or console is the right choice is often very emotionally charged.

We looked at who is leading the sales charts and what arguments speak for relaxed couch gaming on the console and what arguments speak for the gaming PC.

Gaming PC vs. console: statistics and sales figures

A look at the sales figures and statistics reveals that the battle between console and PC for the top position is narrow and that a third competitor is now fighting for the crown with mobile devices.

If one looks at the sales figures and forecasts for 2018 ff., one can see that the entire games market is growing significantly with sales of approx. 138 billion USD in 2018 compared to 92 billion USD (2015), 101 billion USD (2016) and 109 billion USD (2017).

This growth is also forecast for the coming years.

Surprisingly, the front-runner is no longer the console world or the PC, but the mobile segment of the smartphone and tablet with a share of 42%.

In second place is the console world with 34 billion USD (31%), followed by the PC including browser gaming with 29 billion USD (27%).

Due to the different price levels of PC games and console games, however, sales are only one indicator. In fact, there are more PC gamers worldwide than there are console gamers.

PS4 vs Xbox One sales figures

Within the console world, the top position is far from being so contested. Here the PS4/PS4 Pro is clearly ahead.

With 53 million PS4 consoles sold worldwide since its release in 2013, the Sony console clearly leads the XBox One, which only sold 20 million units worldwide.

In Germany, the difference is even greater: Here, the Playstation 4 has a market share of 68% with a total of 2.8 million units sold, while the XBox One has only 600 thousand units.

The reason for this difference is probably the considerable difference in performance between the two consoles.

Comparison gaming PC or console: Advantages and disadvantages
In order to make a fair comparison between PC and console, we have decided to go through and evaluate the main arguments for PC or console.

Computing power and graphics performance

The computing power and the better graphics are the most important arguments, which are led by gaming PC fans. In fact, even as a consolero, you can’t contradict them here.

Modern gaming PCs are much more powerful than the current console generation with XBox One S and PS4 Pro.

Although the PS4 Pro can now also display 4K in some games, it is actually a native Full HD picture that is mathematically converted to 4K (“upscaling”).

In fact, the PS4 reaches the limit of 60 frames per second in Full HD and even these values are not reached for a long time in all games.

The Xbox One performs even worse: Most games only run in a 900p resolution here.

When gambling on a high-end gaming PC, however, a 4K resolution can already be achieved without any problems. Even at 60 FPS it’s not over. Especially if you decide for Full HD instead of a 4K resolution, FPS of well over 60 can be achieved with current graphics cards.

Overall, the PC has a clear advantage over the console in terms of computing power and graphics performance.

Development cycles and upgrade ability

Gaming consoles are not modular, so you are bound to the development cycles of the manufacturers and can not upgrade the consoles.

With the gaming PC, on the other hand, individual components can be exchanged – keyword upgrade.

PC enthusiasts repeatedly put this argument to the test. However, the lack of upgrade options can also be assessed positively from the point of view of consoleros.

In fact, contests on the console are fairer because there is no hardware arms race and you can’t get an advantage in the game with a thicker wallet.

In fact, the development cycle has also become a big problem for the console. Computer development is progressing so fast that manufacturers are forced to shorten the cycles.

For example, while the PS1 – PS4 was released at 6-7 year intervals, the PS4 and PS4 Pro were only three years apart.

Sony doesn’t communicate the PS4 Pro as a new console generation, but in fact the hardware and thus the performance was adapted compared to the PS4.

At first Microsoft was more “jagged”.

With Xbox Scorpio a completely new “Next-Gen” console should appear. However, Microsoft has buried the Scorpio project in the meantime.

With the Xbox One X a new console came out.

Many consoleros might have been rather disappointed here, however, after the full-bodied announcements to the Xbox Scorpio.

The long development cycles and the lack of upgradeability are an argument for and against the console, depending on your point of view.

Anyone who likes to play around with hardware and wants to upgrade regularly would always opt for a PC. But if you just want to start up the console and be sure that the game runs stable, you will see the long console cycles positively.

Availability of games and genres

Whether you choose a gaming PC or a console depends largely on which game genres you like best.

Put simply, all games that play better with a keyboard and mouse are more fun on a gaming PC.

MMO and strategy games are definitely games that can be played better with the mouse and keyboard on the PC. Some of these games are not even developed for the console.

Who ambitiously gambles first-person shooter or first-person games, should as a rule also tend to a gaming PC.

In fact, the games manufacturers have also taken a good step forward in the meantime and optimized the console versions of the first-person shooters for use with the gamepad.

With sports simulations, on the other hand, there are no two opinions: Games like Fifa, NBA2K and PES bring more fun to the console with the gamepad. This is especially true because you often play these games together with buddies in front of a screen.

In addition, the argument of exclusive titles is repeatedly thrown into the ring.

Here there are titles that are developed only for the Xbox, only for the PC or only for the PlayStation. One example is the popular unchartered series for the PS4.

As a rule, however, you should not make your purchase decision dependent on exclusive titles. Most top games will continue to be developed for different platforms in the future.

Depending on genre and game you are better off with a gaming PC (mouse and keyboard) or a console (gamepad, multiplayer).

Some games are exclusive titles that only appear for one platform.