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Billiard (Palm)
Zillionaire (Palm)
Hot Xonix (Palm)
Casino (Palm)
Space Trader (Palm)

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Billiard (Palm) October 19, 2000
A game of billiards for your Palm. Do all the features make the game more complicated or more challenging?

Zillionaire (Palm) October 19, 2000
A Palm adaptation of the hit tv game show. Is that your final answer?

Hot Xonix (Palm) October 4, 2000
A simple yet addictive classic, where you must cut sections of the screen away to destroy your enemies.

Casino (Palm) October 4, 2000
A great collection of popular casino games, including Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Slots, and Video Poker.

Space Trader (Palm) October 4, 2000
A text-based trading game based on the classic Elite. Either you'll appreciate the strategy involved, or you'll think its boring and repetitive.

Pocket Football (Palm) October 4, 2000
An attempt at an action/strategy football simulation that doesn't quite make the cut.

Nebulus (Palm) September 25, 2000
A challenging game of tower toppler, with color and greyscale versions for PalmOS.

Turjah (WinCE) September 15, 2000
Great sound, graphics, and gamplay combine to make this one of the best games ever for WindowsCE.

Liberty (Palm) July 7, 2000
The developers at Gambit Studios have indeed accomplished the impossible: a great GameBoy emulator for the Palm.

Void (Palm) May 8, 2000
Void takes its gameplay from such classic games as Elite and Wing Commander: Privateer. The end result is a space trading game where you, the intrepid space ace, fly around across the galaxy, trading goods for favorable prices and blasting anyone who gets in your way.

NoMess (Palm) May 7, 2000
Overall this is an excellent game to kill time while standing in line or during a boring business meeting. The simple gameplay makes for an addictive game

DragonBane (Palm) May 1, 2000
With impressive graphics, great dungeons, and a wide variety of monsters, DragonBane earns a spot among the best Palm games ever.

Zap!2000 (Palm) April 25, 2000
Zap!2000 is THE game for your Palm. It has great graphics, sound, and game balance. This game will provide many hours of enjoyment.

Asteroids (Palm) April 25, 2000
This game has been through a lot of development since the first version appeared in gray-scale format and it is truly awesome! The basic premise of the original 80's arcade game is alive and well in this addictive Palm color game.

Frogs vs Cars (Palm) April 25, 2000
It would be a great game with some play balancing and exterminating of a few bugs. The documentation and sounds are first rate, but the graphics engine could use a little more polish.

Raygin (Palm) April 25, 2000
Raygin is a fun, light game that proves that the Palm can run a first person shooter, though DREADling, if it lives up to the hype, is more likely to be a better game. If you can't wait for DREADling, give Raygin a spin.

TankPilot (Palm) April 25, 2000
TankPilot is a vector-based tank game based on the classic Battlezone game. You control a hovertank, and your mission is to blow away other hovertanks. It's a straightforward, simple shoot-'em-up.

SolarWars (Palm) April 9, 2000
The player must warp around various planets in our solar system, including Pluto, Neptune, and good ol' Terra Firma, buying goods low and selling high. In short, you play the role of a galactic "middleman" merchant.

PacMan (Palm) April 9, 2000
The color in PacMan is true to the original. I like the black background for gaming, it is reminiscent of the old arcade game days.

Atom Smash Color (Palm) April 9, 2000
The color and sound in Atom Smash are exceptional. The colors are bright and easily seen under all lighting conditions, and the sound effects are first rate.

Mulg II (Palm) April 8, 2000
Mulg is a puzzle game where you guide an intrepid marble through an obstacle course. It has elements of the popular old games Marble Madness and Chip's Challenge, but these elements combine to form a unique game that is incredibly addictive.

SimCity (Palm) April 8, 2000
If the price of the game doesn't scare you away, you will find a faithful adaption of the original SimCity.

Atom Smash (Palm) April 3, 2000
The sound quality and graphical detail are above and beyond any other paddle game out there... Finally, we have a paddle game along the lines of the original Arkanoid and XBoing.

Tyranny (Palm) April 3, 2000
The game is simple and intuitive to play, and the Palm version is every bit as fun as the PC version of Missile Command.

Monopoly (WinCE) April 3, 2000
Sorry Hasbro, but for the size Monopoly CE takes up and the fun it puts out (or lack thereof) its just not worth my precious battery power.

Daughter in the Box (WinCE) March 31, 2000
Although lacking the depth of some games, DITB will keep you coming back for one reason. You want to win the game!

Netwalk (Palm) March 31, 2000
The game takes just a minute to learn - just tap on the network or computer wires. When they connect, you get a smiling monitor (nice touch!). However, like all those games of enduring interest, it takes forever to master.

Bubblet (Palm) March 31, 2000
Bubblet is just the kind of game that the Palm is designed for. Simple, fun and full of features. It allows you to play alone, or interact with others. When playing alone, there are four variations to keep you challenged and interested. When competing with others, the scoreboard keeps the tension high.

Ackeron: Dark Sun (Palm) March 30, 2000
You start your epic quest by crash landing on a strange planet. Held captive by aliens, your first task will be to escape to the nearby town. From there, your adventures will take you all around the planet in a game that typically takes weeks to complete.

Arena: Light and Darkness (Palm) March 30, 2000
"A magical medieval playing field, rendered on the landscape of an overgrown chessboard, looms before you. Within this mystical area are phoenixes, golems, wizards. Like magical beings, their powers change as they move from square to square. When two opponents meet, the board explodes into a battlefield."
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