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Billiard (Palm) October 19, 2000

Eight ball corner pocket. "Brian goes for the shot behind the back." There it goes! This could be close! Wow, I can't call it! It could be, it is, no wait! ahhh...IT MISSES BY A MILLIMETER! Yeah that's right. I missed, so!

Billiard is a fun little game for the common pool shark. You can choose from three very fun ways to play including, 9-ball, 8 ball, and Pyramid. Each has all the features you need to beat the pants off the computer opponent, your friend in 2 player mode, or another friend with the infrared port. You have easy control over curves, slides, and turns.

After you select the type of game you wish to play, you will be brought to the game field. I will focus pretty much on 8-ball mode. All the modes I have found are the same, except of course for the rules of the game, as there are no differences in controls or graphics. You may choose from several different ways to shoot the ball. You can curve it in any direction making this a very good game of skill. The computer opponents can be very challenging. (Of course they're not hard at all when your a master at everything in the world like I am.) But since no one is as perfect as me, they are very hard to beat depending on the skill level you choose.

Controlling your curve can get annoying after a while. The "Curve Selecting Ball" on the menu to the left of the screen needs to have a bigger cross for selection. It can be very annoying when you're trying to beat down on the computers. Also the direction of your shot can get annoying when your near the corner of the screen. The handy arrows on the left menu helps with that though, a little slow, but it's good when you're getting the perfect shot. Speed is good with a selection of your choice from 0 - 100.

In conclusion, Billiards proves to be a challenging game for the common pool shark or any avid palm gamer. Good luck though, especially after you start playing with the higher level opponents. (Or the master pool player at your school.) I recommend this one for everyone to try.

Final rating: 3 1/2 out of 5 stars. The curving can get VERY annoying.


Title: Billiard
Publisher: Megasoft
Summary: A good game of billiards with many features

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