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Casino (Palm) October 4, 2000

Like to gamble but don't have this money for Vegas? Casino features several of the casino's best games. Its a fun game for all, but how high does it actually score?

Casino features 5 different well-known gambling games, including Black Jack, Video Poker, Slots, Craps and Roulette. Each game is very fun (just like gambling is hehe), including all the rules to each game. There are some minor problems that I have found though...

The sound is good and I will not say anything on that. The graphics are very good but there are a few bugs in roulette. Fist bug, when you win or lose big (I mostly lose), the game pauses up for about 30 seconds and seems to display about 500 $100 chips across the screen, this can really get annoying if you loose as much as I do. Also in Roulette, when as the wheel is spinning, as it slows down it starts to disappear and re-appear, Also annoying. In Poker, I would have liked it more if you were against opponents, not video poker. Opponents in poker always make for a much more fun game. That's pretty much it for the problems. All the control is used with the stylus, which of course works well for this type of game.

In conclusion, casino makes for a very fun game. For all who love to gamble, or those wanting to learn how to play several popular casino games. I recommend this to everyone to try, but be careful, it can get a little serious is you lose a lot. Better pad up your palm before you start to play. And keep some money handy just to make sure you really didn't just loose $500,000.

Final rating: 4 out of 5 stars because of problems with Roulette and Video Poker.


Title: Casino
Publisher: Stand Alone, Inc
Summary: A great collection of popular casino games

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