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DragonBane (Palm) May 1, 2000

One look at this game's graphics and you can't help but to be impressed... But does it have the gameplay to match?

When you first start the game, you must choose 4 out of 5 possible characters that will make up your party. It is unfortunate that you aren't given the option of customizing any of the characters, and as the game progresses your party improves in a predetermined way. Since there are only 5 different characters to choose from, it is unlikely that you will want to play the game again once finished. With that being said, you will find an engaging game filled with lots of traps and a good variety of monsters.

The graphics of the game are top notch, although the 3d effects are predefined and not the result of a raycasting engine such as Dreadling. In truth, the graphics can get to be a bit repetitive after a while, as all the dungeons and towns look the same. Still, the first-person view goes a long way to immerse yourself in the game. Before long you will find yourself exploring dungeons and curse out loud when you set off a trap.

Although this game is more of a hack and slash type than the typical RPG, it is the puzzles that you will encounter in the dungeons, and the variety of monsters, that really sets this game apart. The automap function comes in very handy, as you will find yourself being turned around or even magically transported by traps. The combat system in the game is quite good, allowing for multiple enemies, ranged attacks, and magic spells. The tougher creatures can even summon more enemies for you to deal with, creating the potential for epic battles. The advanced spells that you get in later levels changes the game completely, as you will need to use your magic wisely to defeat the deadliest opponents.

Most of the game is spent wandering around dungeons and fighting monsters, and although it can get quite challenging with the tougher creatures, because there is no character customization and a limited variety of items available, it can get boring if you were expecting a more traditional RPG. I found myself with much more money than I could spend, and ended up going through the dungeons running away from combat all the time, just so I could find some challenge... The size of the game more than makes up for that, however. There are many many hours of gameplay here, and exploring the huge dungeons is both challenging and fun.

In conclusion, DragonBane is a great RPG, although it falls short in a few key areas. Give it a try if you enjoy exploring dungeons and killing monsters, but don't expect a good storyline or much involvement with character development. The epic size of the game, top quality graphics, excellent combat system, and wide variety of monsters earns it my highest rating!

Final rating: 5 out of 5 stars


Title: DragonBane
Publisher: Palm Creations
Summary: A first-person RPG with lots of good dungeons
Highs: Good graphics, challenging puzzles, wide variety of monsters
Lows: No character customization, poor storyline

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