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Nebulus (Palm) September 25, 2000

Ever feel like shrinking down to the size of an inch? How about trying to climb up tower after tower of traps, deadly eye balls, fatal turns, and tons of enemies, just trying to stay out of the deadly acid below? If not...you have some nerve. If so, Nebulus is for you. Although the sound is not close to being good, the graphics and the intense gameplay nebulus can deliver is a nice recovery (but watch out for the dreaded X.. they're a killer).

The controls are nice with two options. The first is a group of buttons at the bottom of the screen where you use your stylus and tap the action you want to do. The other mode is slipping the stylus away and using the classic hardware keys. The control panel mode is not very good, the game seems to go very slow and the it is alot harder.
The graphics are outstanding for this type of game. The rotating towers give you a new feel for side scrolling games. The sound, (as I stated before) is the most annoying thing i've ever heard...(yes even more annoying than your little brother when you were 16) But again, the smooth graphics makes up for the sound problems.

Each tower (level) is full of new enemies. It would have been nice if the enemies got a little harder as you advance through the towers. Even though the enemies don't get harder, the levels get more complex, once you get up into the higher levels imagine trying to play Jezzball with three million balls. And I guarantee you will not beat any of the levels on your very first try. You will always have to waste a life until you get addicted to this little game and memorize it step by step. You come equipped with only one way of attacking. You can only destroy certain kinds of enemies. (Sorry guys not the x's... I've tried)

In Conclusion, I find nebulus to be a extremely fun and addicting game and I promise will bring you hours upon hours of enjoyment if you're a multi-millionaire, owning your own company, or are a college student and need something to do in science class.

Final rating: 4 out of 5 stars


Title: Nebulus
Publisher: Megasoft
Summary: A challenging action game of tower climbing

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