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NoMess (Palm) May 7, 2000

As a person who normally prefers long RPGs and action games, I was surprised to find myself quickly becoming addictive to this simple puzzle game. NoMess is straight-forward, easy to learn, and hard to master.

The object of the game is to match up similar tiles in rows of five or more. When you match up tiles they disappear from the board, but for every tile you move three more appear at random. You quickly get the sense that you are fighting a loosing battle, and matters are more complicated by the fact that the moving piece must have an open path to travel to the desired location. In the later stages of the game, strategy becomes very important in order to keep playing.

The game appears very polished, although you might want to turn off the sound. There are a variety of different skill levels, lots of different tile images, and even support for a Tale device. The registered version takes the gameplay a few steps further with new types of pieces called cookies. The joker cookie can be used in place of any piece, the bomb cookie will blast away all neighboring cells when moved, and the framed piece can't be moved. Needless to say, it becomes a completely different game with these new elements, and the need for strategy becomes more apparent.

Overall this is an excellent game to kill time while standing in line or during a boring business meeting. The simple gameplay makes for an addictive game, but it is still a puzzle game and can loose its appeal after a while.

Final Rating: 4 1/2 out of 5


Title: NoMess
Publisher: MapleTop Software
Summary: An addictive puzzle game
Highs: Addictive gameplay, lots of different tiles, good registered features
Lows: Can get dull after a while

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