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Pocket Football (Palm) October 4, 2000

I'm a big football fan myself and I've been searching for a good football game for the palm for a long time now. Could Pocket Football be it? Read The following and find out for yourself.

The game features a play creation system. It includes 18 offensive plays, 28 pass plays, and 16 defensive plays. It includes AI for every player's spot, and to speed up the game a bit it has a option to disable the Palm Opponents from going into a offensive huddle.

First off, there is no sound, at least there wasn't any on my Handspring Visor. Second, the play design and/or play picking menu is very confusing for the average user, and once you get out of finally getting your play ready, the action screen lasts for about 3 seconds with going too fast to control anything. Basically the whole game is just picking your plays and trying to focus on what's happening in the action mode (play execution mode.)

The controls. You use the menu button and select EVERYTHING in the play selection menu. And once you get past the complicated play selection, you go into the action mode when you use the hardware keys on your palm. The ball is hiked immediately and is hard to get the stylus down before it goes... and before you know it you're tackled and you go back into the oh so great play selection menu.

The features. Pocket Football is Loaded down with features, in fact, too many. What someone really needs to do for a palm football game is, keep it simple, maybe a play design thing...one much better than this one is. The game, with all of its "Marvelous" plays still does not do any bit of a recovery.

In conclusion, this is not a good game at all. Far from being good at all. Even with the tons of plays it offers it still does not recover the bad graphics, no sound option, and bad action mode. I would say good job to Radical Tek, the creators of the game, but instead I think I will say, good luck, to the making of a good football game... You guys had a good idea, but not a good production.

Final rating: 1/2 out of 5 stars


Title: Pocket Football
Publisher: Radical Tek
Summary: A game of football that doesn't make the cut

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