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Space Trader (Palm) October 4, 2000

Space Trader, a great game if you like boring. It seems like just an attempt at the game Void but missing something... Any Action At All. Typing this review has more action than Trader. Check out the details.

Space Trader is a so-called action game. It has tons of levels, about 8 different kinds of space ships, and about 15 different kinds of cargo. Any Good fighting what so ever would make this game excellent, but it doesn't have any (good) fighting at all. When you warp into a location on your short-range star map, you will stop at so many clicks from your destination and run into another ship. Depending on what kind it is you will push attack, ignore, flee, or surrender. With all the features, Trader has to be a great game.... Right?

There is no sound in this game. There really is no point to be. There are no graphics besides text. The many features can supply for a fun game, but it gets very boring after hours of... short range view, warp, ignore enemy, attack enemy, reach destination, re-fuel, trade inventory, then back to the short-range star map, ready to warp again. The weapons I find is just a waste... the stronger ship is all that matters. One important thing it is missing is a good battling system. The system they have is completely random I think, if you live or die, and the Space Police scanning for illegal substances is such a waste of time.

Space Trader, even with its hundreds of levels, tons of ships, and all the spacey names for cargo you can think of, still makes for a very boring game. All the features would be great if they were added into Void, Void has the action, this game has the trading. Try again Pieter Spronck. And you all better make sure you're insured for repetitive motion before you start to play.

Final rating: 2 out of 5 stars


Title: Space Trader
Publisher: Pieter Spronck
Summary: A repetitive space trading game

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