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Turjah (WinCE) September 15, 2000

Some of the best games for Windows CE can be found at Jimmysoftware.com. The high level of graphics and design and the sleekness of his games can be attributed to his many team members, ranging from programmers to designers to musicians. Their flagship product, Turjah, is definitely one of the best games for Windows CE so far.

Turjah is a shoot-em-up game packed with different types of enemies. The goal of the game is to shoot these enemies without getting shot yourself. At certain points when you kill an enemy you get bonuses that range from health increases, firepower upgrades, shields, or extra bombs. After destroying all the enemies on the level, you have to kill ‘the boss’ in order to get to the next level with a set of different enemies and bullets.

The fast speed and incredible smoothness of the game make it very enjoyable. The graphics of Turjah are very impressive. Every minute detail is taken care of, such as the movement of your ship from side to side and the realistic colors of the enemy going down in flames. The speed and graphics of the game, along with a very co-coordinated soundtrack makes this a killer game. Combine these qualities with that of a very challenging game and the wide variety of enemy ships and you have a very well programmed game.

After playing it over and over again, you come to see and know the enemy patterns, which can make the game not so challenging. Whether this is a disadvantage or advantage is left up to the individual player to decide. The only drawbacks are the level of difficulty and the lack of free lives.

This game is very well designed and would be well worth your money.

Rating: 5/5

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Title: Turjah
Publisher: Jimmy Software
Summary: A well-polished action game for CE
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