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Hot Xonix (Palm) October 4, 2000

Hot Xonix, a game similar to one of my favorite puzzle games on my PC, Jezzball. You start with a whole screen playing field with only one bouncing enemy, as you make your way through more levels, the bouncing enemies increase and you have to cut more of the playing field to win the game. Cut? Bouncing Objects? Playing Field? Read on to get all the answers.

The goal of Xonix is to slice pieces of the playing field without being hit by the bouncing enemies. While you are cutting down the field the enemies will be bouncing around and if they hit your cutting mark, you will loose a life and have to start from the last cut you made. When you cut enough off of the playing field, you will be transported to the next level and will start again, sometimes the number of enemies will increase, other times, the amount of playing field you must cut will increase. Good Luck.

First of all, where's the sound, just a little beep here and now would be good, maybe a louder beep when your hit. The graphics are just right for this type of game so I won't comment on those much. As you play Xonix you will probably notice the handy info at the bottom, the one I use the most of course is, % Left, meaning how much more of the playing field you have to cut before you advance to the next level. The game of course does get repetitive after a while but so does most games. Besides those minor issues Hot Xonix is a great puzzle game.

Controlling your X (cutting utility) is very easy using the hardware keys. Simply phone for left, up for up, and to do for right. Or you can use the two outer buttons also. There is one thing I didn't like in all Hot games. The menu that comes up when you press the menu button on the silk screen. I have no idea what to do in there, it explains nothing, I enjoy the classic, pulldown menu style.

In Conclusion, I think Hot Xonix is a very good game and should be at least tried by all. No sound is not too good of a thing either, but when you're in science class, you can't have the sound on anyway. The menu is a little annoying but you can get used to it, just stick with the classic menu, nothing fancy is needed.

Final rating: 4 out of 5 stars for the minor issues. "It's gotta be perfect to get the 5 from Brian."


Title: Hot Xonix
Publisher: TB Labs
Summary: A simple yet addictive action game

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