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Zillionaire (Palm) October 19, 2000

An imitation of the hit TV show, "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire", comes this said-to-be entertaining Palm game. How does this game really stack up? Read below.

This fun game features everything you enjoy on TV. Right down to your host... Sqeegus Billmore! There are some differences though, such as your goal of a zillion dollars, not just a million. Another difference is your life lines. You have four to begin with, including a catapult question, which will simply allow you to move on to the next question, two remove a wrong answer lifelines, and one poll the audience. All of them are very useful in achieving your goal.

When you start the game, it announces our favorite host, Sqeegus Billmore. He of course will tell you the questions and ask the famous line, "Is that your Final Answer?" If you push Yes, he will go on to say if you are correct or not. If you are, you will move one question closer to a Zillion Dollars, if not, you leave the game with nothing (and if your like me, you'll be screaming at your Palm also). If you push no you will go back to the questions screen and choose a different answer or to use a lifeline. I recommend you hang on to these, the later questions can get tricky.

I'd like to poll the audience Sqeege. While playing Zillionaire, I guarantee you will have to use your life lines. You have four lines to choose from. These include Poll the Audience, not one but two Remove One Answer lifelines, and finally one Catapult question. Poll the Audience will put percentages next to each answer, 99% of the time the highest percentage is correct. The Remove an Answer lifelines will both remove one answer from your choices. The last lifeline you may use is a Catapult lifeline. It will simply "Catapult" the question and allow you to move on to the next. All will prove to be needed throughout the game.

Zillionaire does include some bad parts however, some of which include how repetitive everything is. After every question, "is this your final answer?" Yes, No, Stop. Also, it is very easy to memorize the questions. I hope they come out with new categories soon so I can expand my mind more (ha).

In conclusion, Zillionaire proves to be a very nice game. Besides the fact of the repetitive actions that you will see it is a good game to play. I recommend this game to anyone who enjoys the hit game show Millionaire, or anyone who just wants to play a good trivia game.

Final rating: 4 1/2 out of 5 stars. Memorization of questions makes for an easy zillion after a while.


Title: Zillionaire
Publisher: Cosmic Infinity
Summary: A Palm adaptatation of the hit tv gameshow

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