Play allows children and teenagers to develop their learning in a fun way while building, imitating and creating. But what about those who play through a game console?

Nowadays, these console games known as video games are strongly imposed among the activities chosen by this group to occupy their free time. However, more and more people are discussing the benefits that the practice of this type of leisure can bring to children and adolescents. After several studies and discussions, it has been concluded that the proper use of video games can enhance the intellectual and emotional development of this group, while they can be a fun way for parents and children to enjoy these new technologies and time together.

Benefits of video games for children

In small doses, and if properly used, video games can enhance the intellectual, emotional and personal capacity of children and adolescents:


Potentiate logical reasoning

Video games force children to develop reasoning in order to solve problems and find solutions. In this way, they will work on logic without realizing it, something that will be very useful to them, both in their studies and in everyday life.

Increase spatial conception

This will allow children to unconsciously improve their spatial vision in a simple and effective way.

An effort to get the reward

Trying to achieve the objectives of the game strengthens the effort and helps to tolerate the gain and the failure.

Favor visual and manual coordination.

The information of the video game is perceived by the sight while reactions are manifested with the movements of the hands and fingers on the controller, the screen or the keyboard. Eyes and hands act as a team, developing their coordination to the maximum.

Improve reflexes

The games require precision and speed of reaction to any unforeseen event. The player is forced to calculate directions, speeds, spaces and times and remember moves, with the constant pressure that a mistake can make him lose the game. Reaction speed works constantly when playing, especially in games on motorcycles or other vehicles.

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