What languages are used to program video games?

C# is probably the language that any article for video game development is going to have. Actually, the most important reason to learn this language is this great engine: Unity as it is the most important tool of video game development today. This engine is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and also has support to compile for almost any platform:


Before Unity appeared in the market, Java was the language almost by a preference for the development of indie video games (which were not made by big companies).

Java took advantage of the multiplatform to its maximum expression, if we do a little memory the first video games for cell phones were all Java, if we had a virtual machine and that this was the bridge for games created with Java to work, even (with slight changes in the controls or inputs) in Linux, Windows or Mac, this is due to the famous JVM.

Java still plays a very important role in the development of video games, with its limitations but having an evident worldwide success. Minecraft could be the maximum exponent, besides there are Frameworks like LibGDX that still allow developers to create video games in a simple way and with only Java knowledge.


Within this list, we could think that no C# or Java have no competitors but Javascript has an advantage: it is for the web. With the scopes that can have now HTML5 and with the libraries of graphics both 2D and 3D that have appeared javascript takes a relevant role for the development of video games, specifically if we are interested in our game is easy to run and that works on the Internet.

These limitations have now changed, with we find an HTML5 of enormous reach, the speed of the Internet has increased exponentially, browsers already have very well defined standards and above all, is working every day to improve their performance.

Javascript is gaining strength and if your decision is then a game that works on the Internet in a simple javascript is the number 1 option.

Every day we could find new libraries to work with javascript and that will help us create more and better features, although this can become a disadvantage. The biggest “but” that we can put to javascript in the world of video game development is that we need to couple enough tools to achieve basic functionality and that in other languages may use 1 Framework or 2, in javascript we can see projects with 5 or 6 libraries to help us develop the project, this usually translates into a learning curve quite broad and especially in details of the compatibilities.

Even mentioned the above I repeat, javascript is the best option for a game in the browser.

Lua and C++

To end this article we share that Lua and C++ are also good options in the development of video games, Lua, for example, took a bit of range to some extensions and features of video games such as World of Warcraft. As a curious fact, Lua was created in Brazil and is a language extension, so actually, Lua should be included in something already developed, so we will always find it as a support within projects and not as the pillar of it.

C++, on the other hand, we know that it has in its path everything in the world C, something similar to C, Java, C#. Technologies that have already been mentioned as an important role in the world of game development, the only “but” that we could mention for C++ is that it does not have as many tools or engines as Java and C#, although it could be placed within the top 5 of programming languages for development.

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